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Welcome To The Committee Page & Life Member Information

The Committee & Life Members

The club has eleven committee members, made up of 4 officers and seven committee members.


Club Officers


Chairman            Ally Harcombe

Vice Chairman    Mike Parker

Secretary            Tina Ware

Treasurer            Brian Ware




Amy Coles, Amy Marshall,  Amelia Coles, 

Angela Mulligan, Emmalee Mulligan, Georgia Harcombe, 

Leigh Parker, Maria Barrow, Mark Webber


Life Members



The club has nineteen life members who have been with the club for twenty five years or more.



Mrs T. Brailey, C Burt, Ms C Darbyshire, Mrs L. Edmonds, Mrs E. Kitchen,

Mrs A. Harcombe, Mr M. James, Ms J. Troake, Mrs C. Morrell, Miss L. Skinner B.A. (Hons),

Mrs S. Smith, Mrs A. Trout, Mr R Trump, Mr O Trump, Mr P. Trout,

Mr A Ware, Mrs T. Ware, Mr B Ware

Tiverton Theatre Guild Members

Tiverton Signpost Club is a fully paid of member of Tiverton Theatre Guild Membership, which consist of five societies in Tiverton who meet twice a year to discuss ways of working together. For example: to purchase equipment required for shows or sharing props and equipment to save money.

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